This is one of the best ever made TV shows. Seriously, it's like a gift from God.It is the funniest sitcom ever made; funnier than Family Guy. The first episode I saw got me hooked. I don't remember which one, but I know it was something about Dr.Cox Making fun of J.D. The actual show is about a hospital. It is about the main characters personal lives get mixed up with their work lives. The cynical Dr. Cox, insane Janitor (I made shoes for my rabbit), and the hilarious J.D. (John Dorian) are the cornerstones of this show.

The Cast

This is the cast of Scrubs. Far left: Dr. Cox, J.D.'s mean, cynical mentor; top row, first on the right of Dr. Cox is the Janitor, the bullies J.D. in his spare time, when he's not making shoes for his stuffed rabbit or cleaning; bottom row, just right of Janitor is Elliot, the insane intern who can't seem to hold a relationship; to the right of her is my personal favorite character: J.D., the daydreaming intern who can't stop narrating his own life, and chugs appletinis like they're going out of style; and just below him to the right is Dr. Turk, the cocky surgeon and J.D.'s best friend; above Turk is Dr. Kelso, Dr. Cox's arch rival, and the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, and on the far right is Carla, Turk's girlfriend.


I couldn't find a group picture with Ted in it, so here is his explanation. He is a very bad lawyer, and is also the hospital sad sack. He hates Dr. Kelso lots and lots, but he has to do what he says. Apologies if the picture doesn't work.


The cocky, rude, high-fiving friend of Turk's. A surgeon, and is what makes this show rude-ish. Still, it wouldn't be the same without him. Often refers to himself as 'The Todd' and is bi.


I couldn't find a group picture with Jordan in it, so here is her explanation. She is Dr. Cox's ex-wife, and they hate each other so much it's funny. They get back together and have a kid, but they continue to hate.

Important Actor's Names (Alphabetized)

Carla: Judy Reyes
Dr. Cox: John C. McGinley
Dr. Kelso: Ken Jenkins
Elliot: Sarah Chalke
Janitor: Neil Flynn
J.D.: Zach Braff
Jordan: Christa Miller
Ted: Sam Lloyd
Todd: Robert Maschio
Turk: Donald Faison